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I have spent several weekends exploring ‘Living Architecture’s’ contemporary properties, organised by Amanda, an actor’s agent.  The first was to The Shingle House in Dungeness in January. With Derek Jarman’s cottage close by and the nuclear power station lighting up the horizon at night Britain’s only desert was beautiful in its bleakness.

Amanda is a keen walker who is attempting to circumvent the British Isles weekend by weekend, so the Dungeness stretch ticked a box for her. As we braved the winter winds on the beach I spotted a rusty tin can amongst the shingle. The magenta label and rusted top created a flash of colour contrasting with the stones. This eventually became the Desert of Dungenesss scarf, and Amanda was given the first print off the press.



Made in England
100% satin chiffon
Dry clean only
Hand rolled edge
130cm x 130cm