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Despite my love of the city, one of the joys of London is to take yourself off the streets and find pockets of wildness and nature.  My neighbour and great friend Laura, philosopher, strategist and the busiest person I know, takes time out for long mind-clearing walks by the river with her two noisy dogs. We often head there together to share ideas and put the world to rights while they race ahead. One of our favourite routes takes us along the Thames between Kew and Richmond. The river, foliage and sky are ever changing and a sense of movement is created by the water echoed in the winding pathway. I photographed these fat rosehips one autumn walk and enhanced their colour to echo the vibrant summer roses they had once been. Contrasted with the greeny greys of a misty morning by the river the rosehips come to life in a poetic dance. 

Richmond ramblings in late summer, rosehips fit to burst. Muted shades of grey-green leaves are shot through with shocking pink.
Cultivated elegance for the classic English Rose.

Made in England
100% silk satin
Dry clean only
Hand rolled edge
200cm x 68cm