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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”
Endymion. John Keats. 1818

St Agnes Eve was created by London based designer and photographer Jacqui Sinnatt, to showcase her silk scarves. The complex, kaleidoscopic designs are based on Jacqui's photographs of found fragments, magnified plants and flowers and textures of natural terrain in the British countryside. Ranging from the romantic and floral to bold colour statements she juxtaposes romance with reality and finds magic in the mundane.

It started with a memory

One of the most vivid of my childhood memories is sneaking into my parents’ bedroom and seeking out my mother’s scarf drawer. Rustling silks, softest cashmere, beautiful patterns in jewel-like colours all drew me into her entrancing adult world. Most evocative of all was the intoxicating scent of my mother’s perfume, indelibly imprinted onto the luxurious fabrics.

Even now, that scent can conjure up visions of 1960s glamour – the classic equestrian headscarf tied just on the chin, the scarf wrapped around a perfect coiffure for sports car elegance, a velvet stole wrapped over a décolleté evening gown or just a bright cotton square knotted playfully at the neck of an open collared shirt.

While the recollection of the scarf drawer is wrapped in nostalgia, the St Agnes Eve silk scarf collection is a contemporary re-interpretation of childhood memories, born of a desire to create a new world of modern classics - with a twist.

Scarf stories - behind the design

Each design is inspired by a story from Jacqui's travels around Britain - adventures with writers, musicians, painters and designers. From Cornwall to Kent, London to Scotland her designs capture memories of a place, a time, an experience.

Creating designs from my photographs has given them a physical form which provides a permanence to the images that is often lost in the ephemeral digital world. Each design contains the essence of a place, a story, a thought. I wanted to create something beautiful that people would treasure and, over time, imbue with their own story and memories.

Jacqui trained at St Martins School of Art and has followed a career in graphic design while continuing with her photography, drawing, painting and textiles. She lives in London, has 2 children and a very tolerant husband.

Union Jack Buying British

St Agnes Eve supports British manufacturing and craftsmanship, so all our scarves are printed and hand-finished here in Britain. The gift boxes and recycled tissue wrap are also sourced in the UK.

Enjoy your St Agnes Eve scarf and start creating your own stories and memories.

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