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St Agnes Eve provide a bespoke design service, creating scarf designs for retail outlets, premium brands, leisure businesses and also for individuals. Whether you want a range of exclusive designs that reflect the character of your brand, location of your shop or hotel, for example, or simply a one off design for a special celebration please contact us for a quote.

We also design fabrics for furnishing, interiors and fashion. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Zebra Dance

This silk scarf was commissioned by a husband for his wife to celebrate their 12th Wedding Anniversary, honouring the traditional gift of silk after 12 years.

They chose a recent holiday in Tanzania, where they had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, as inspiration, with a specific request to feature zebras, which the wife had loved.

The Hilary Scarf

This scarf was designed as a gift from an old friend to celebrate the 60th Birthday and nearly 40 years of friendship between them. The scarf features a background of skyscrapers in New York as a reference to a shared holiday in 1980, overlaid with the leaves of the Rowan tree, as a reminder of her God-daughter.

The border is inspired by motorbike jackets, as she was a biker back in the day, and in the centre, where she belongs, is the recipient, taken from a holiday in Torremolinos in 1981 and celebrating her modelling work.

The Diesel Engine Scarf

This was a corporate commission from a diesel engine parts supply company. They had a range of baseball caps and ties for their male clients but wanted a corporate gift for their female customers. While it needed to be connected and relevant to their business they wanted something people would choose to wear, more than just the company logo and colours.

The design features selected engine parts, ship’s propellors and details of their offices which are housed in a rather glorious 18th Century house in Hampshire. Not your average corporate scarf from a creative thinking company.

The 90th Birthday Shawl

A commission from the extended family of a great matriarch, in celebration of her 90th birthday.The design was inspired by Tamariu Beach in Spain, as the location of many happy holiday memories, it also pays a sneaky reference to the recipient’s love of playing Bridge.

This scarf is double-sided, creating a heavier silk shawl, and allowing for a textured side and a visual side to tell more of a story. The ultimate in luxury and completely unique.

Holkham Bay

I developed a range of 4 scarf designs based on my photographs of Holkham Bay in Norfolk to be sold exclusively through a retailer who has stores in Holkham Bay and on the Sandringham Estate.

The designs were aimed at both visitors to the area looking for a quality momento and also for members of shooting parties on the Estate wanting gifts for family and friends.

The Fiona Scarf

This commission was from a daughter celebrating the 60th Birthday of her mother Fiona. The daughter contacted many of Fiona’s friends and asked for one word they associated with her Mum. These ranged from ‘lovely’ and ‘fun’ to ‘Liberty’s’ (where she used to work), to ‘Fresh Parmesan’ (who knows what is behind that!).

The daughter is a marine biologist, and Fiona’s husband is a fanatical sailor, so I took the sea as inspiration, incorporated the words as patterns in the waves and featured some of the daughter’s photos of fish in the centre of the scarf.

The Wherwell

This scarf was designed to commemorate the family’s 25th anniversary of moving into their beautiful house in Wiltshire.

After taking photgraphs in and around the grounds the final design evolved from the central staircase, with the sweeping bannister creating a strong shape. The colour palette was chosen to suit the family’s English Rose colouring.

Mrs M’s birthday scarf

This scarf was commissioned as gift to celebrate the 90th birthday of the mother of a Greek businessman. Close family friends wanted to give her something personal, but exclusive. There was a particular request to feature her beloved poodle and to reflect her home country.

I created the design around photos I had taken of Greek olive trees and incorporated the dog as a repeat design throughout the scarf. She was absolutely thrilled with the gift and declared it was her best present.

Wedding scarf

This double commission was from a wedding guest who asked me to create a scarf for the bride and her mother. The design features the jewellery from the bride’s engagement party, an important part of their Indian family wedding tradition. It also includes a peacock tail which is thought to convey good luck.

The design was created in pink for the bride and royal blue for the mother; rich, bright colours that look stunning with their dark hair and reflecting the beautiful colours of the saris they wear at home in Rajashan.

Special birthday scarf

With some commissions I have to really push for information about the recipient. For this 50th birthday scarf I had so much information I had to find a way to bring it all together. Using a floral theme as the base the Scottish roots of the birthday girl were represented by a thistle and her daughters became an integral part of the design as an olive branch (Olivia) and a lily (Susannah means lily in Hebrew).

The rest of the design included a detail from their family home, a favourite view in Scotland and a crest made up of skis, peach blossom and the family dog.

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